Mission for Economic Empowerment of Traditional Artisans & Craftsmen (MEETAC)
A mission to accomplish excellence in traditional heritage and develop better livelihood

Mission for Economic Empowerment of Traditional Artisans & Craftsmen (MEETAC) is the new Mission of the Government of Manipur, established on 29th December, 2017 as an autonomous Society under the Department of Textiles, Commerce & Industries. MEETAC was formally launched on 1st September, 2018. The Governor of Manipur is the patron of the Society. The Society is chaired by the Minister (Textiles, Commerce & Industry), Manipur. The Functions of the society are executed by a Chief Executive Officer.

“Promoting inclusive growth by developing the Traditional crafts/arts sector of Manipur as per global standards and making it an important spoke in the wheel of economic activities”.

“To provide unified access to the Traditional Craftsmen/Artisans of Hills and Valley of Manipur for design development of their crafts/arts as per global standards, training and entrepreneurship development in order to increase the market demand of their products and achieve better economic valuation”.


a) Identification of Traditional Crafts/Arts of Manipur and their Cataloguing.

b) Standardization of Crafts/Arts and Design Development with the help of Knowledge Partners.

c) Partnership with Training Partners (TPs) for up-gradation of Craftsmanship of Craftsmen/Artisans and youth.

d) Entrepreneurship development of trained Craftsmen/artisans.

e) Development of a supply chain from Producers to the Consumers.

f) Active Branding of Traditional Craft/Art Products.

g) Linkage of Traditional Craftsmen/Artisans with National/International market including E-commerce.

h) To develop MEETAC as a Centre for excellence in promoting the development of wide gamut of traditional crafts/arts of Manipur for providing craftsmen/artisans, a sustainable livelihood options with emphasis on self-employment and entrepreneurship at National and International level, under the umbrella of its collaborative network within/outside the State.

Area of Operation: Entire Manipur State including all Hill and Valley Districts.

Functions of MEETAC:

i. MEETAC will develop partnership with National level expert Knowledge Partners, who will assist MEETAC in identification of the Traditional Crafts/Arts of Manipur and cataloguing them.

ii. MEETAC through Knowledge Partners will develop the parameters of standards of identified traditional Crafts/Arts.

iii. MEETAC through Knowledge Partners would work on Design Development of identified traditional crafts/arts.

iv. MEETAC will develop partnership/collaborations with Training Partners (TPs) for up-gradation of Craftsmanship of Craftsmen/Artisans and youth.

v. MEETAC will also engage National level expert institutions for Entrepreneurship development for training of Craftsmen/artisans.

vi. MEETAC may intervene as per requirement for development of a supply chain from Producers to the Consumers.

vii. MEETAC would organize necessary programs within and outside the State including abroad for Active Branding of Products made by traditional craftsmen/artisans.

viii. MEETAC would establish linkages of traditional crafts/arts of Manipur with national/international market including e-commerce.

ix. MEETAC will establish a data bank for allowing it to work effectively as Training cum Development Centre for traditional craftsmen/artisans who are desirous to take training to enhance their knowledge about crafts/arts, develop entrepreneurship so as to increase their abilities in order to gainfully employ themselves/generate self-employment.

x. MEETAC will conduct surveys to identify the gaps in supply chain and marketing of traditional crafts/arts.

xi. MEETAC will develop collaborative network with Government/Private agencies for devising and adopting curriculum, its development, training, certification, and employment/self-employment.

xii. MEETAC will act as a centralized institution for training activities, livelihood innovations and liaison among different institutions, government departments, corporations, Boards, within and outside the country to facilitate creation of sustainable livelihood options.

xiii. MEETAC will identify areas requiring policy reforms to provide an enabling environment for livelihoods.

xiv. MEETAC would undertake research and studies for supporting livelihood, and develop strategies and plans.

xv. MEETAC would develop measurable performance indicators and tracking processes for achievements of time bound targets.

xvi. MEETAC will take up necessary programs to generate awareness regarding variety of traditional crafts/arts and knowledge required for diverse range of business/career options, as per market demands.

xvii. MEETAC will publish or cause to publish literature, books, magazines, newsletter and various pamphlets in order to promote the products made by traditional craftsmen/artisans.

xviii. MEETAC will establish linkages with government institutions, banks and micro financial institutions for delivery of necessary financial knowhow amongst the target groups so as to enable them to garner necessary skill to empower and strengthen themselves economically and utilize availability of concessional credit, for promoting self-employment/ entrepreneurship.

xix. MEETAC will access funds from government and semi-governments sources, local bodies and private organizations to promote the objectives of the Society.

xx. MEETAC will bring in convergence amongst various empowerment projects and built and support service structures for providing social and technical guidance to the traditional craftsmen/artisans for their overall social and economic progress.

xxi. MEETAC will undertake all relevant activities, including implementation of specific projects funded by government, bilateral, multilateral and other funding agencies for development of sustainable livelihood options for the traditional craftsmen/artisans.

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